About Us

Inverness Minibus and Coach Hire has been in operation for eleven years and has expanded rapidly ever since. We specialise in providing businesses, families, schools and other organisations affordable and value for money coach and minibus hire. All vehicles are chauffeur driven by geographically sound members of staff.

We have a special team of customer service providers who will work on a twenty four hour basis and they will deal with online quotes. After looking at your quote they will carry out selected searches on the vehicle, best pricing, maintenance, distance and also the onboard facilities as well. Our aim is to deal with all enquiries as soon as we can and this includes having a fifteen minute target for each quote received.

We also currently have a special telephone team who deal with enquires to provide instant quotes to those customer who may have specific needs or alternate queries.

We have been recognised by many newspapers and local journals over the year for our professional service and also our reliability as well. We stress that care will always be taken when we check vehicles and we will try to make sure that cars have only been on the road for less than six years.